The Beginner’s Guide to Learning Affiliate Marketing Online

21 January 2018
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21 January 2018, Comments 0

Since the internet boom, almost everyone on the planet wants to have passive income. This dream of earning more than $10,000 every month without having to do any work. And that’s when the idea of affiliate marketing pops into our mind. But you’re a beginner. This means that you will have to research everything from scratch. Like finding the best place to learn affiliate marketing tactics, the best products and so on.

But, now you don’t have to go through all that painstaking research. Because I have done it for you.

So sit back, grab a glass of that tasty orange juice and read on.

Just make sure you also got some coffee as well because this is going to be an interesting read. And then on that, you will want to start applying very soon.


So What Is Affiliate Marketing?

You have seen all those income reports from bloggers. And you keep asking yourself, “How the hell is this guy making so much money through affiliate marketing? And what the heck is affiliate marketing?”

Well, here it is my friend.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring someone to a product for a commission. You do not own this product, you are basically a salesperson. And on every sale you make, you earn a commission.

So why is this so attractive to so many people?

Quite honestly, the commission percentages can be very huge when it comes to digital products. Some products even offer 80-90% commission. And that is the reason why people love promoting these products.

It doesn’t require any investment on their part. All they need to do is promote it and bring sales.

The fact that these marketers do not have to create the products that they are promoting, lifts a heavy load from their shoulders. And they can just focus on marketing.


How to Learn Affiliate Marketing Online

There are 2 ways you can learn affiliate marketing: Paid and Free. And I will be listing the resources for both of them.

Now you might be asking, “Nabil, is there anything special in the paid courses that isn’t available for free on the internet?”

Well, there isn’t 😀

You see, it’s all about the convenience of having all the information available to you in a structured way. That’s basically what you will be paying for.

Besides that, almost everything that you will be learning in these courses is available for free. And I will suggest going for the free options if you have the time and energy to structure the information yourself. It will be invaluable for you to do that.

But if you do have the budget to spend money on courses, then, by all means, go for the paid courses. Because that will save you a ton of time, and you can get right into learning mode. And the quicker you learn, the quicker you will be able to apply that information. And the quicker you will start receiving those commission paychecks.

Not only that, with paid courses, you will also get the most important thing that is needed when you’re a beginner: support. Without having someone who personally answers your questions, you will be lost in the night sky of affiliate marketing.

Paid courses will give you access to the person who will navigate you in the right direction. And it will also help you avoid the usual pitfalls/bottlenecks.

So, it all depends on how you like to consume information and whether or not you have the budget to spend money on courses.

With that in mind, below are the best places to learn affiliate marketing as a beginner.


Best Places to Learn Affiliate Marketing Tactics

I’ll first start with the paid resources.

  1. ClickBank Success

With hundreds of student testimonials, and with the enrollment of more than 37,000 students, this is probably the best paid affiliate marketing course that you will take.

Created by KC Tan, who is also known as the Master Affiliate Marketer, he pulls back the curtains and lets you in on all the secrets.

He teaches everything that you will ever need to know to succeed as an affiliate marketer, or in online marketing in general. Because almost everything you learn here can be applied to any type of internet marketing.

From Facebook Ads to passive income generation strategies, he has got it all covered.


  1. Affiliate Marketing for Beginner’s by Lisa Irby

Created by Lisa Irby, this possibly one of the most in-depth courses on affiliate marketing out there. With more than 4 hours of content packed in, you couldn’t ask for more.

She covers everything, from researching the niche that you want to get into, to making sure that your website does not gets penalized by Google.

Not only that, she also teaches how you can grow your website to such a point where you become an authority in your niche.

And with more than 5,000+ students who have taken this course, you know that it works.


  1. Guide to Effective Affiliate Marketing Strategies by Kudus Adu

This is the guy that I can get behind. Firstly because he clearly tells that people who are looking to ‘get rich quick’ should stay away from his course.

Secondly, not only does he covers the basics of affiliate marketing, he goes into detail about the best practices that you can apply to increase your profits. Things like how you should create your money pages, structuring your website, etc.

On top of that, he also teaches how you should build your email list and start profiting from that as well.

So, if you ever wanted to a course that teaches you the shortcuts of affiliate marketing and also covers the most important things that will lead to you making more money, this is the course you should take.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Course for Recurring Income by Max Stryker and iMarket XL

If you are looking for an income that is stable and guaranteed every month, this is the training program for you. With more than 5 hours of training and 56 lectures in it, you can be sure that these guys are not leaving anything out.

Basically, there are 2 types of people in the affiliate marketing world –

  1. The ones who are looking to get sudden bursts in their income
  2. And the ones who want to receive recurring, stable income for a long time

If you are the 2nd kind of person, this training program is for you.

They teach you everything that you would need to know to achieve a stable income level. Heck, they even teach you how to promote products without a website.


  1. Affiliate Marketing Training and SEO Strategies by Isli Hoxha

If you want to primarily focus on Amazon’s affiliate program, this is the course that you should be taking. It is not a lengthy one as well. This means that you can quickly consume the content and get started on applying it.

The program mainly focuses on selling Amazon products and promoting them through SEO. So you will definitely be learning the latest SEO strategies and how to get the best bang for your buck.

But make no mistake, this program also goes into detail on how you should build your first Amazon affiliate website, and any future Amazon affiliate website for that matter.


Now let’s move on to the free courses that you can take to learn affiliate marketing.

  1. Affilorama

This is probably the most in-depth free course on affiliate marketing that you will get anywhere on the internet. They have more than 100 video tutorials and PDF lessons covering everything about affiliate marketing.

So, if you are a rebel and choose not to pay for the courses that I just mentioned above, you can check out Affilorama to get your affiliate marketing skills up to the mark.

Though I should mention that it is possible that they might not be up to date. So you will have to do some more research to make sure that you are on top of the latest updates.

But it is a guarantee that your basics about affiliate marketing will be perfect.



I should mention that this is not a course, it is a website. They primarily focus on things like creating websites that become an authority in the niche that you choose.

Not only that, they also focus on how you can generate organic (free) traffic from Google through SEO techniques.

There is no doubt that you will be learning about both, SEO and affiliate marketing at the same time.

Personally, I think it would be a great idea if you could learn both. This will give you the option to decide what path you want to start your affiliate marketing journey with; free traffic or paid traffic.



They mostly focus on courses that cover topics in the marketing niche. But there’s one course that I personally like, it’s their 21 Days to Building a Web Business.

It is about 6 hours long, but it is definitely worth it.

This course will teach you the basics of how you should create a website and help you understand the functionality of your website. Not only that, you will also learn how to use FileZilla and uploading files to your website’s server directly.


How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Usually, this information is kept behind a payment wall of the course. But I will be sharing it here and also will be doing an in-depth article on the best practices for affiliate marketing. So watch out for that.

I will mention this upfront that it will take some time for you to start seeing some money. So you will need to have patience with this thing. More than 90% of the people fail at this because they quit too early. So make sure that you’re not one of them.

Let’s break this down into 2 parts; Your Setup, and Your Marketing.

  1. Your Setup

There are a couple of things that you will need upfront to get started. Consider this as your overhead cost.

  • Blog/Website
  • Good Writing Skills (or the budget to get articles written for your blog/website)
  • A Short eBook
  • An Email Autoresponder like Aweber or MailChimp
  • Traffic

That’s basically all you will need to get started.


  1. Your Marketing

Now this is the exciting part because this is where the magic happens.

The best way to get started is to divide your ultimate goal into small goals that you can attain easily in a short amount of time.

So to get started, your first goal will be to have at least 100 visitors come to your blog every day.

How do you do that?

Well, there are a couple of ways.

You can start off by doing SEO on your blog. And then move into paid advertising. It all depends on your current budget and how quickly you want to achieve the ultimate goal.

Paid advertising will obviously speed things up.

You will also need to make sure that people are signing up to your email list. Most marketers usually do that by offering people an attractive incentive to give their email.

This can be a report or an eBook depending on what niche you are trying to get into. Just make sure that it is short and of high quality.

Again, if you have the budget, you can outsource the eBook writing part as well. This will allow you to focus on setting up the website properly and making sure that everything is done perfectly.

The next thing you will need to do is set up a landing page for your website/blog. This landing page is where the visitors will give you their email in exchange for the eBook. You want to make sure that this landing page is as uncomplicated as possible.

I have found that it works best if you get straight to the point and make it short and simple.

You will have to test out a couple different landing pages to find out which one works best. So that will take time and traffic.


The AutoResponder

Now that you have the landing page set up, you will need an autoresponder. This is when someone gives you their email address, they will automatically get the link to where they can download your eBook.

You can choose any autoresponder in that case. AWeber and MadMimi are the 2 of the best ones out there for beginners.


Converting Them Into Buyers

Now that you have their email addresses, you need to make sure that you give them mind-blowing information that they cannot turn away from.

I would also recommend panning out that information delivery. This will keep them interested for a long time.

Something like a 7-day course where you teach things in details seems to work best.

And when you’re sending them this 7-day course, you need to make sure that you completely win their hearts and minds. Because this is when they are turning from free subscribers to people who would be willing to pay for the products you promote.


Promoting Products

Now that you have completed writing the 7-day course, it is time to promote some products and make some money.

The best places to find products is Clickbank and Amazon Affiliates. So make sure you sign up for those 2 affiliate networks and get going.

Once you find a product that you think will be best for your audience, you will get a link that is unique to you. This is because it will help the affiliate networks recognize that the sale came from you. And this link will make sure that you get the commission.


The Ultimate Secret?

Well, there isn’t one. But in order to increase your sales and income, you need to make sure that you are getting as much traffic and emails as possible.

We will be writing a series of in-depth articles on the best marketing practices, and also on how you can set up different technical aspects of your affiliate marketing venture. So watch out for that.

Until then, make sure you start applying these things and get going. There is no time better than right now to make a living online.



Nabil is a veteran when it comes to Internet Marketing. With over half a decade of experience under his belt. And rubbing shoulders with some of the best SEO experts/Multi-Millionaires like Greg Morrison and Kotton Grammer, you can rest assured that he is providing you with the best information out there.

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