Key Things You Should Know About Marketing

20 January 2018
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20 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Key Things You Should Know About Marketing

Do you know that it is far important to have a good marketing strategy to keep your business afloat and eventually go heights, later? Yes! You read it right. Imagine, you are opening a new business, and you just simply wait for people to get into your store, and purchase a product. For sure, few months down the line your business is going to close since there is lack of customers that will cover up the operating costs, and for you to earn a decent profit. Thus, as a business owner, you should be able to come up with marketing strategies so that you can bring in more customers, more sales to your business.

The common misconception that companies do commit when it comes to marketing is just they view it as one particular thing that’s it. They do not have any idea that everything that revolves around whatever your customer encounter about your business is already classified as marketing. This includes advertising, customer service, and even when you make a follow up on them.

Before you start juggling with one marketing strategy to the other, you need to learn few things first about this important aspect of any business. After which, you are going to come up with more action-oriented and effective strategies that will surely add more sales for your business.

The following are key things you should know about marketing:

1. Purpose.
Do you know that marketing has three purposes? Knowing what are they will help you identify your marketing strategy and be able to implement them effectively. First is to be able to capture your target market’s attention.

Second, you can assist your prospect when it comes to purchasing decision.

Lastly, it will provide your customers what is called a low risk, easy and specific action to take.

These purposes will enable you to have your eyes in selling more products or services to the market.

2. Types.
There are all sorts of marketing it includes TV, radio and print ads, Internet marketing, and even direct mail. Some other companies make use of referral marketing to increase their number of customers. With this type of marketing, it is the customers who promote your business to people they know. The best part of this is that you need not spend on marketing costs. All you have to do is to deliver more value for what they have paid for. In this way, you will have satisfied customers who will serve as the bridge to bring in more new customers for your business.

3. 4 Ps.
Marketing comprises of the 4 P’s namely: the product, next would be the price, then, the promotion to be used, and lastly the place. You should have a clear idea about the four marketing mix. This is to ensure that you are on the right path and be able to achieve your goal of marketing. You need to immerse yourself in each of the components so that you can thoroughly come up with a detailed plan on how to go about marketing. When you have a clear identification, it would be easier to go forward and implement your marketing strategies.

It does pay off when you do learn more about marketing, the marketing mix and whole lot more. In this way, you will be able to collate information which will improve the current status of your business in the market today, and increase revenues as well. Make sure you equip yourself with relevant information and start from there.


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