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I’m Tim Schmidt, a self-educated Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, and best selling Author based in South Florida.  Along with my long time friend and business partner, Greg Morrison, we put our heads together during the COVID-19 pandemic and realized a huge need for a marketing website that was run by actual marketers who were in the trenches on a daily basis. 

I’ve accomplished all of this from diving head first into online training programs, YouTube videos, and personal mentoring.  The beauty of today’s world is that if you have the burning desire to earn money from anywhere, you can learn how to do it and get started rather quickly.  I’m walking proof!  I recently found my college grade point average while cleaning out old boxes at my parents house back in Minnesota and I wasn’t even a 3.0, which is a “B” average.  My test scores were barely good enough to admit me into college, but fortunately I was pretty good at kicking a soccer ball and they wanted me on the team, so I luckily got a pass.

What I didn’t have in education, I made up for in effort!  Not to sound cliche, but if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything in life. 

The purpose of this site is to provide detailed commentary and reviews of the top e-learning programs.  Due to my marketing connections, and network, I get discounted deals or early access to a lot of programs out there.  When I don’t, I do it the old fashioned way – by buying the course with my own hard earned money!

If you are sick and tired of hearing the rags to riches story of some “guru” who can make you a millionaire overnight, my reviews are for you. I don’t hold back my feelings about anyone’s courses, and hold them entirely accountable to their claims, as well as expectations.  I feel like I do this better than anyone because I operated my own successful course on learning affiliate marketing in the years 2014 – 2017.  Over time, I found that I enjoyed my time making money passively rather than putting out new content teaching people to do so, so I re-focused my energy on my e-commerce ventures, affiliate projects, and private clients.

As we sit here in 2020, I can tell you that my industry reputation is second to none as far as honesty and integrity.  You will never see me recommend a course I don’t believe in or steer you in a direction that I wouldn’t personally take myself.

If you’d like to know more about me before reading the many highly informative, subjective reviews I’ve put together on this site, I invite you to check out the following links below.

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Tim Schmidt

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Greg Morrison is the original “One Man Gang.”  His nickname derives from his ability to make money from home by driving insane amounts of traffic from organic search engines, namely Google.  Greg and I met when we were members of an underground SEO group run by Kelly Felix.  He posted a story about making $80,000 in month in affiliate marketing, and instantly caught the attention of all members. 

We were later introduced by a mutual friend and I convinced Greg to join forces with me in an up and coming niche that I was heavily involved in.  We formed a team, divvied up tasks, and our partnership led to over $100 million in sales generated for a few brands in a highly competitive space, and the websites created to accomplish this became the backbone of Greg’s first foray into teaching SEO with a company called OMG Machines.

Greg and his partners had perhaps the #1 program on learning search engine optimization, and later, how to run an SEO agency,  generating over $50 million as a team and teaching 1,000’s of people methods that when studied and applied, can put them in pole position in the world of Digital Marketing.   The testimonials were off the charts, with eye popping earnings reports, and even one member with a sales background who grew an agency to just shy of $1 million monthly!

With live events, a hyper-active Facebook members group, and a portal of training videos that seemed endless, Greg gained a cult following and established himself as one of the most respected minds in search engine optimization.  At live events, he routinely gets standing ovations for his presentations, and although he’s a very mellow person in general, the room is filled with energy and fist pumps galore.

These days, Greg is fully immersed in affiliate marketing projects, client consulting, and training.  When he’s not working on SEO data science and earning money from the comfort of his home, he enjoys spending time with his boys and working out.

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Tim Schmidt

Founder, Ice Cold Marketing, SkinPro, South Beach Herbals, & More

Since 2002 Tim has made his living online, from many exotic locations. Skilled in E-com, Amazon FBA, SEO, & Affiliate Marketing, Tim is also a best selling author.

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