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Best Marketing Events in the USA

Best Marketing Events in the USA

Marketing events are now a popular thing in the USA. They have helped numerous individuals and companies improve and market their brands. They are also an essential part of building a solid network for different kinds of businesses.

Marketing events give customers a lasting and exciting experience while at the same time, improving loyalty and awareness. The organizers, together with the exhibitors, have a one on one contact with their customers. It is a learning experience for all of that in attendance.

Numerous events in the USA have been very successful for several years. Some are planned on an annual basis, while others are done semiannually. However, other unique events have performed overboard and have been ranked as the best marketing events of all time.

Events ranking and success can be assessed based on different factors. Some of the common criteria used include customer turnout, exhibitors’ turnout, objectives achieved, and overall satisfaction of all those who attended.

This article will highlight several of these annual events that have an excellent record of success. These events have a huge turnout of exhibitors, customers, external observers, and enough media coverage. They are, therefore, the best marketing events in the USA.

Before revealing these events, it is worth noting that not every marketing event out there is ideal for everyone. Before one decides to attend a marketing event, one should counter check several aspects such as type of event, intended objective, attendants, timing, costs, and end value of the event.

Marketing events come in different types and with specific intentions. Some events are only meant for one category of people, and if one does not fit in that category, then it does not add value to attend.

Other events also are organized to promote specific objectives. If one’s objectives do not align with the event’s aim, then one should consider skipping that event. Other factors, such as cost, timing, and the end value of the event, should be regarded as before attending these events.

 Most of the annual events have been hard hit by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and forced to reschedule, cancel, or do the event virtually.  The social distancing policy makes it harder for one on one interaction and huge gathering. Event organizers have improvised new ways of using online platforms to continue hosting these great events.

Best Annual Marketing Events in the USA

The Traffic and Conversion Summit. December 15-17, 2020. San Diego, California

The Traffic and Conversion Summit has been happening for the last 11 years. The summit brings together smart digital marketers every year to deliberate on new ways to improve digital marketing. The event is majorly attended by marketing professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and consulting agencies.

The Traffic and Conversion Summit is typically a 3-day event filled with strategic ideas from market experts who find new ways of improving digital marketing. The key speakers who lead the summit are people who have tried and succeeded in enhancing marketing strategies for their businesses.

The previous event happened on February 25-27, 2019.  It was packed with exciting great ideas from over 80 experienced speakers.  The event brought together over 10,000 attendees and was packed with more than 100 sessions. Well-known celebrities, business CEOs, prominent digital marketers, and top agencies graced this event.

The success of the Traffic and Conversion summit has been ever-growing since 2009. The next event will even be better than the rest, as many have turned into digital marketing with the ongoing pandemic. This is a must-attend event for business owners, marketers, agencies, and entrepreneurs who have a goal of turning leads into loyal customers.

I’ve personally attended this event and give it two thumbs WAY UP.  

INBOUND Conference. Postponed to September 22-23, 2020. full Virtual Event. Location: Boston

The INBOUND summit usually is organized by the Hubspot on an annual basis. For the last nine years, INBOUND Conference has seen tremendous growth of value, content, attendance, and speakers. The conference connects different Hub Spot users and digital marketers in developing ideas ideal for business growth.

The conference has decided to continue offering great ideas to digital marketers virtually due to the pandemic. Its target audience is not limited to Hub Spot users, and it is open for any digital marketer, business owners, and agencies out there. Since the 2020 Conference will be virtual, the organizer is expecting thousands of attendees more than the previous years.

 The previous INBOUND conference of the year 2019, saw more than 23,000 attendees in person. The meeting was super packed with interesting learning insights, innovative ideas from marketing experts, and unlimited opportunity for networking. 

This is an excellent event for anyone who wants to expand digital marketing expertise for their business. It is even more affordable as it transforms into a virtual event. It is an event worth anyone’s attention.

Affiliate Summit West.February 02 -04, 2021, Las Vegas

Affiliate summit west is one of the leading marketing performances in the world. It connects more than 6000 congregates from online agencies, firms, media gurus, networkers, and the biggest brands. In case one wants to do business in the performance industry, it’s the only place to network and learn with the affiliate and experienced stakeholders.

The summit brings together intelligent minds to inspire businesses to the next level. The last event was graced by FB algorithm to leveraging influencers in the marketing.  The attendees were respected brands like the Amazon, Google, the Airlines Emirates, and Bt. Jenny Fleiss, co-founder of rent the runway was the keynote speaker. 

The attendees usually have a custom meeting experience couple with innovative ideas, technological solutions, and networking opportunities. It is a summit to gain knowledge and understanding of how successful brands grow.

Even during this pandemic, they have organized the next meeting. It will converge marketers and people who face similar marketing challenges and obstacles and then discuss how to overcome them.

The previous event of the year 2020 was grace with over 6000 delegated and about 300 exhibitors. Those who attended have a great story of success to tell. The next event has been planned on February 12-04, 2021. This is an important event worth every penny.

As a long time attendee of this event, I highly encourage you to attend this event, but also have a core knowledge of affiliate marketing prior. If you need some brushing up, follow this link to learn about affiliate marketing.

GrowthHackers conference September 1-2, 2020 location: Online

The GrowthHackers conference is an annual event that has successfully been held since 2012. The event is organized and sponsored by Growth HSSackers Company. It is aimed at converging professionals and entrepreneurs who are eager for growth and innovation.

The event has always been graced by experienced keynote speakers who aspire to see growth in every attendee. The conference targets business startups, established organizations, and large corporations such as Walmart and Microsoft. Growth Hackers Conference is suitable for anyone who has an open mind on growing their brands.

 The Growth Hackers Conference 2019 was held on May 7 in the San Francisco Jazz Center. This was a two-day event that saw over 8,000 professional grace the event in person. More than 54 experienced speakers addressed and taught the attendees. 

The conference has numerous list of takeaways, and many have greatly benefited from it. The top experts deliver practical and reliable solutions to grow the business. It also offers a great networking platform and a chance to build strong teamwork to related firms.

B2B Marketing Exchange February 22-24, 2021. Location: The Phoenician, Scottsdale, Arizona

The B2B Marketing Exchange is one of the Best marketing events that deliver real experiences, valuable takeaways, and real value to its attendees. The event brings together marketing partners and B2B sales to offer better edge tactics and technologies in business. The three-day event is always packed with more than 100 sessions and successful professional speakers.

The B2B Marketing Exchange is six years old, with a significant milestone of success. Prominent business professionals and successful company CEOs have always had a chance to address the attendees on practical ways of growing their businesses.  Big names like Tamsen Webster, Todd Henry, Pam Didner, and Brian Fanzo has been featured in previous events. 

The 2020 B2B Marketing Exchange was held on February 24- 26. The event was graced with over 3,000 attendees and had 125 sessions. The sessions were well planned to cover six tips for digital marketing.

The scheduled 2021 event will also be in Arizona from February 22-24. The event is expected to be even bigger than ever before. One can expect more real and applicable takeaways from the experienced list of speakers. For back to back sales and digital marketers, this is a must-attend event.

The Forbes CMO Summit on September 2, 2020. Virtual

The Forbes CMO Summit is one of the most luxurious events that is typically graced with the best of the best business professionals. The event provides more than mere business insights. The attendees get a chance to have a real experience with one on one encounter with successful business gurus.

The CMO council first introduced this graceful event in 2001 to bring marketing executives together.  The events gather Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) of successful organizations to speak to the attendants.  For the past 19 years, the event has seen great success in being ranked among the best marketing events in the USA.

Prominent CMO of different companies such as Barbara Messing of Walmart, Kelly Smith of Hilton, Diego Scotti of Verizon have graced the event in numerous instances. The 2019 Forbes CMO Summit was a great success. The event attracted 800 CMOs.

Due to the pandemic, the Forbes CMO Summit has ventured into virtual summit events. The summits are carried out in different Episodes. The second episode of the summit is due on September 2, 2020.

Most of the Forbes CMO summit is only limited to CMOs and Invite only attendees. This is a great event for any CMO out there who is looking to get insights from other successful CMOs.

BrandManageCamp September 15-16, 2020, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

The Brand ManageCamp is a Forbes organized conference that is a must-attend conference for big and small business owners. Its main goal is to help all organizations grow their brands through fresh ideas. The event is also meant to inspire business owners into chasing newly available opportunities in business.

The Brand ManageCamp has over ten years of a success story that has inspired many to do what they thought was impossible. The event ensures that the attendees leave the event educated, inspired, and energized than ever before.

The previous event that happened on September 17-18, 2019, was a great success. Those who attended can attest to the value of the event that was packed with insightful speakers. The event is one of the most affordable marketing events that draws close to 7,000 attendees. The organizer expects a significant improvement in the subsequent events.

The upcoming event on October 27 is packed with great speakers who will inspire and educate the attendees.  The prominent marketing author Jay Baer, Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, Hollywood producer Brant Pinvidic are some of the prominent speakers to grace the event. 

ABA Bank Marketing Conference. Scheduled on Oct 7-9, 2020, Has been canceled

The American Banking Association is popularly known as ABA bank, annually organizes marketing conferences for various stakeholders. The ABA Marketing Events aims at converging banking professionals, branding gurus, salespersons, and marketing directors. It is always insightful to have an opportunity to listen to prominent banking professionals in the USA.

For several years ABA marketing event has successfully hosted over 400 different banks professional. The event is considered one of the most attended banking events in the USA.

The ABA Marketing Conference scheduled on October 7-9, 2020, was canceled until further notice due to the pandemic. However, the bank is planning to do a virtual event later this year to keep its followers up to date.

The event is ideal for banking, insurance, and finance-related professionals looking to grow their market in the USA. Creative ideas and insightful marketing policies are discussed in these events. If one fits in the financial sector industry, then this is an event worth attending.

eTourism Summit, October 19-21, 2020. Las Vegas

The eTourism summit has, for the last 21 years, received exciting feedback from thousands of its attendees. The event has been known to deliver quality and workable tourism insights that have seen the tourism industry grow almost with double digits. The etourism event merges destination promotion with current media and digital technology.

The event hosts most of the influential travel and hospitality companies in the USA. It has consistently provided valuable marketing insights that have seen a boom in the travel and hospitality agencies.

The etourism Summit 2019 was one of their most successful events they have ever planned. The event was keen on quality more than quantity. Those who attended the event cannot afford to miss the next one.

The next event is planned on October 19-21, 2020, in Las Vegas. The organizer has promised to keep it real and simple for attendees to have quality takeaways from the professional speakers. For those in hospitality and travel businesses, this is a must-attend event.

DigiMarCon World event. November 17-19, 2020. Online

The DigiMarCon World event is another annual event that anyone interested in digital marketing should consider attending. The event is hosted by digital marketing gurus who have a raw business field experience to share with the attendees. The event is typically for anyone who is ready to be successful in digital marketing.

The event is popularly known for attracting a huge number of business owners, digital marketers, and entrepreneurs. This is also considered one of the best due to real-life quality takeaways taught to the attendees. The event goes further to train the attendees on how to utilize the available digital marketing software in growing their digital market share.

The DigiMarCon World 2019 was held on November 19-21, 2019. The three-day event is one of the most successful marketing events to be done virtually and on a live stream.  The event attracted over 40,000 streamers who were consistently followed the entire 3-day event. 

The DigiMarCon World 2020 is scheduled for November 17-19, 2020. The event will be live-streamed for everyone to attend. The event is not limited to those in the USA, and anyone is free to attend and learn more about digital marketing.

Advanced Search Summit, April 7-9, 2021. Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa

The advanced search Summit is an excellent getaway for valuable networking and growing socially. The event offers an ample environment for peer to peer interactions that is more effective than the exchange of business cards. The main objective of the exhibition revolves around connecting, inspiring, and exploring.

The event offers advanced digital marketing tips to overcome stiff competition. Digital marketing experts engage the attendees using real business life challenges and offer them a chance to interact and work as a team to deliver reliable solutions. The event gives attendees a memorable experience through great learning, healthy interactions, social building, and business world exploration.

April 7-9, 2020, advanced search Summit was a great success that was graced by prominent digitals marketers and professionals. The next event in 2021 April is expected to be a blast. More prominent speakers are lined up on the list, ready to deliver quality insights.

Mobile Growth Summit. February 10, 2021. San Francisco

It is one of the most significant nonprofit events focusing on mobile App marketing. Usually, it’s a two-day event that concentrates on providing education, knowledge, and skills to mobile app marketers. The opportunities allow networking, career growth, and market strategy for their businesses.

The event which occurred in New York had several attendees.  It includes 250 companies, more than 75 speakers, and 400 individuals.  The education is based on the best practices and developments in line with mobile marketers.

The meeting predicts future trends in prices and new technology coming up. The annual gathering brings up all the outstanding professionals in the field. As an individual, it’s an excellent platform to learn and adapt to the suitable products in the market. It connects friends to do worldwide business. The invited speakers are mentors who are experts and offer guidance for the upcoming mobile marketers in the industry.

The dates for the next event are on the 10th & 11th of February 2021 at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. To be part of it, one is encouraged to book online for a privilege to meet the professional expertise and be informed on the mobile growth in the world.

Etail West (August 31-sept 3, 2020) Palm Springs, CA

Etail West is a four-day event designed to help boost the company’s profit. Mostly it’s a first-class event. It is of high quality and very informative both in content and educational. Here is where the great minds in ecommerce meet and interact. The meeting allows the attendees to collaborate and learn future market trends. These give room for future predictions of what will happen in the market.

The calculated moves from the experts and successful brands allow businesses to grow and realize a profit from different areas of specialization. The Etail West team is full of enough content and insights to learn from and retail innovators in the channel. If one is ready to grow business, this is the right place to join. Individuals who attend meetings get the opportunity to mingle and interact with the right e-commerce panels and successful brands.

The list of firms at the Etail West is imposing. The exhibit section comprises a one-stop-shop for all technological systems. It changes the structure of once company and the mindset of the employees. The interactive section gives vendors and retailers respectful interaction.

At Etail West, everyone is free to share, receive, and access information’s .one can choose from many solutions a favorable idea for the business. Eventually, it makes Etail west a fruitful event. Generally, the event has been a substantial part of the marketing of e-commerce and components of interactions with many clients.

Podfest 2020 (August 7-10, 2020) | Orlando, FL

Podfest Expo is suitable for people who are passionate about airing and sharing their voices to the world through instructional audios and videos. It is an annual event involving big conferences of people drawn from different parts of the world.

Podfest expo aims to unite people and grow good relationships among different races, colors, and cultures of the world. The interaction inspires, motivates, and allows learning from successful peers. It has cultivated proper growth that has eventually help in boosting business in various parts of the world.

Podfest has rapidly grown since its inception. At the start, it had grown from 100 attendees to over 2000 attendees who have registered to attend, only for the coronavirus pandemic to shut everything down. Even with the challenges, Podfest has collaborated with WHOA, a successful tech company, to bring the expo to life. Therefore, from 7th to 10th August 2020, the tech platform will record-setting attempt to host the world massive podcasting virtual conference.

In line with Podfest policy, it’s responsible for helping others get their message out to the world. They are looking into partnerships with groups and meetups from various parts of the globe to allow the dissertation of information spontaneously.

CONEX – The Content Experience. Tour Postponed

The Content Experience brings together like-minded individuals in the marketing, demand, and sales generation to connect them with new and impactful personnel who are concerned about experience buyers’ journeys.

Marketing has the responsibility of protecting the buyers’ journey. It starts from the first touch to a concurrent process of searching and validating information to the right people and in time to generating revenue.

Conex has experienced speakers who deliver information through presentations throughout the two days. During the programming session, speakers and attendees interact together to obtain collaborative solutions and inspiration from different places.

Additionally, Conex provides a pleasant environment that focuses on content experiences that drive every buyer’s journey. Their speakers are experts in giving enlightening information but still entertaining.

In Summary

The ongoing pandemic has affected the marketing events. Most of them have been forced to postpone or do it in a live stream. The dates indicated in these events are subject to change and might also be altered depending on the progress.

Virtual events are now a thing in the year 2020. Event organizers need to accept the new normal and find creative ways to make marketing events valuable and memorable even when they are done virtually. Many organizers have, however, made a significant milestone in continuing with the events using virtual means.

The list of successful marketing events in the USA is endless. More and more organizations have significantly improved how marketing events are being carried out. However, the above 15 marketing events continue to rank as the best marketing events in the USA.


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