John Crestani Internet Jetset Review

Internet JetSet has been sunset.  Actually, it was an old marketing course that did so well and was so popular that it has been updated with better training, pricing, and all new features.

I kept the old review up because many people look for this course and I don’t want them to miss out on the updates, so please follow this link to the new course that I digested earlier this year, the one that is the souped up, 2020 and beyond edition:  Super Affiliate System.

The Internet Jetset review is one you’ll want to read and take in, and you can learn more about me later.

If you didn’t know previously, or in case we haven’t met, Tim Schmidt, and I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing since 2002.  I’ve made a living between that, consulting, and e-commerce ever since.   One day in early 2002 I woke up and realized, I was getting nowhere in my SEO sales job. Sure, I was learning and earning in a niche well ahead of it’s time, but I was working for someone else – and they called the shots!

I had heard a lot about affiliate marketing, so I decided to dive in and really find out how I could get into this appealing space. To say I was disappointed is probably the understatement of the century. Everything I read was an obvious scam. As the months passed, something told me not to give up, so I just got in without any proper training and while it took a while, I made it all work out in the end.  If I had a course like John Crestani’s affiliate marketing course, I would have sped up my learning process by a crazy amount of time.

Fast forward to 2020, and I have a 15 year old that I’ve supported from a laptop wherever we’ve lived.  So far that’s been Miami Beach, Costa Rica, and now, Fort Lauderdale.  This was all made possible by affiliate marketing and the ability to work when and where I choose.  Oh, travel is my number one way to spend my profits, and the list of where I’ve been able to travel and not miss a beat is pretty much endless, but I’ll save that for another day.

Like I said earlier, I invest so much into e-learning that I started this website to document my experiences.  In 2019, I had the pleasure to get the time to check out John’s course – Internet Jetset.  While I’d heard his name, I had no idea how big of a player he was, and had no idea how much information he had to share with the world.  The guy is literally a Swiss Army knife when it comes to knowing affiliate marketing.

Is Internet Jetset a Scam?

I want you to know the price of Internet Jetset right upfront. I paid $997 for the program. Since I quit my job I have been living better than I ever thought possible. I am no longer at the mercy of a boss or forced to work set hours. It took me six weeks to watch 50 hours worth of videos. During my first two weeks, John Crestani taught me all of the basics. I learned about the business model, how to create a landing page, setting up tracking software and how I needed to think. Next, I was taught how to use major traffic sources such as Adwords and Facebook for native advertising.

I was really excited when I reached the final modules because I knew I could do this. Learning how to optimize scaling for affiliate campaigns was not nearly as difficult as I thought. Now I had the secret to earning thousands and thousands of dollars every single day. In order for you to understand how Internet Jetset works, I think it is important for you to know what John Crestani teaches in all of the modules. I have included a rundown for each week of the program.

Week One

The program for your first week is called the Introduction & System Setup. I learned all of the following during this time:

  • How to set goals and join affiliate networks
  • How to set up my site
  • How to set up my ads on Facebook
  • How to set up my presell page
  • How to work effectively with affiliate networks

I found this section extremely important because I did not know as much about affiliate marketing as I though. If you know more than I did, this is an exceptional refresher course.

Week Two

The module is called Success Skills. This was when I realized the critical importance of my mindset. I was taught how to find successful niches ideal for affiliate marketing. All of the following are included.

  • Entrepreneur Mindset
  • Determining the right ad network
  • Researching your niche online
  • The importance of intent
  • Effective networking
  • Selecting an offer

Week Three

The section titled Marketing Skills taught me how to become an affiliate marketing pro. I learned what people really want and the psychology necessary for creating successful ads. What impressed me beyond words was the 17 step copywriting formula. Once I understood the best way to optimize ads, I started to really understand affiliate marketing. I have to stop for a moment and say John’s system is absolutely amazing.

The man knows exactly what he is talking about and he led me right to the success I had been dreaming about for nearly a year. The next section covered the tactics for advanced optimization. The tips for copywriting are spectacular. The psychology John taught me is a big part of the reason I succeeded. Without exceptional copywriting skills, my ads would have been ignored. Instead, the clicks kept right on coming.

Week Four

By the time I finished the fourth week, I knew John not only knew precisely what he was talking about, but I also started seeing him as a legend. I learned about:

  • Facebook ads
  • Compliance with Facebook ads
  • The most important advertising metrics

Week Five

Week five covered the ad networks I could use like YouTube. I have no idea how John created his methods to use paid traffic, but they are incredible. He led through all of the platforms, showed me which users to target and how. The section included:

  • Initiating MGID native ads
  • Initiating Voluum DSP native ads
  • Initiating Outbrain native ads
  • Initiating YouTube ads
  • Initiating Facebook ads

Week Six

The last section showed me the link between surveys and funnels. I also learned an exceptional method for generating leads. During my sixth week, I was taught the following.

  • The best way to use survey funnels
  • Scaling campaigns
  • Using media buyers

I attended the webinar offered in the program. I recommend it highly because I learned a lot. I was finally ready to become an affiliate marketer. If you are still asking yourself is Internet Jetset a scam, you need to keep reading because this program does everything John Crestani has claimed and more. I highly recommend following the resources, videos, exercises and links you will find in every module. The more information you learn, the higher your income will be once you become an affiliate marketer.

The bottom line is if you do not listen to John and do what he says, you will not succeed. If you are happy working 40 hours a week at a dead-end job for the rest of your life, if you have no interest in traveling, living in the home of your dreams as opposed to paying rent and find yourself satisfied with cheap hot dogs and Top Ramen, there is no reason for you to purchase Internet Jetset. If you want to experience a much better life and financial freedom, the solution is learning about affiliate marketing. I believe John Crestani is the best teacher you could ever find.

I do not believe I will ever be quite as good as John Crestani, but I am getting closer all the time. I admit I struggled with some of the concepts in the beginning, but I am making a lot of money now. My conversions are excellent because I followed the program and I learned. The methods are superb, the results are amazing and the program is worth a lot more than I spent.

Youtube Training

I learned the only way to succeed on YouTube is with consistency. If not for John, I never would have been able to come up with enough ideas for content to succeed. I was lucky because appearing on camera did not make me the least bit uncomfortable. My point is you do not need to be on a video or even use YouTube because John provides you with a lot of different options for earning a phenomenal commission. I kept making videos because I believed in John.

After three months, I quit my job because I was making more money through affiliate marketing. After six months, my income really started to increase. After one year, I was making more money than I thought possible. Yes, I had to work hard to get my affiliate marketing business off the ground. Despite working hard at my job for 15 years, my income fell short of inflation. The initial work is well worth the results I achieved. I no longer have to worry about having enough money to pay my bills or being able to save enough to retire.

Google Training

I learned how to determine which keywords would be the most profitable. Longer tail keywords were critical. I am not concerned with having the number one spot on Google rankings. I will say I am on the first page of Google now. I learned SEO skills including how to use a private blog network and building backlinks from John Crestani. My lead generation is exceptional. As time passed, I learned even more from experience, although I will always be grateful to John for pointing me in the right direction.

Copywriting Basics

My biggest concern about affiliate marketing was copywriting. I had absolutely no experience. The program taught me all of the basics for writing content for email sequences and websites. I learned how to capture and maintain the attention of my audience so they will click on the links I provided. Everything I learned worked like a charm.

My First Website

I learned everything I needed to know to build my first affiliate website including setting everything up properly, installing WordPress, how to initiate hosting, customization and all about email auto-responders.

Authority Review Site

I built a beautiful authority site in my chosen niche. I am now generating a fantastic income. Once again, John was there to explain everything I needed to do. I admit there is no substitute for experience, but I needed help because I had no idea where to begin. I learned I need to select a niche that is competitive to succeed. Affiliate marketing is about a lot more than creating a site, blogging and praying my content would show up on page one. John explained why this type of strategy became ineffective a long time ago.

There is a lot of competition in affiliate marketing. If you want to succeed, you need to establish the best possible backlinks on your website or your ranking will be poor. The content and blogs for my niche are authoritative. I consistently write new blog posts and that helps. The key is standing out from my competition with exceptional backlinks. I am proud to say my skills are always improving. Prior to Internet Jetset, I believed the reason a site became successful was a combination of great content and highly detailed blogs. I was so wrong.

In order to earn the income I desired, I had to keep building backlinks to my website. The result was my site kept getting better and better rankings. I now think of backlinks as the key to successful internet marketing. I will be honest and tell you a decent computer and a stable internet connection is required if you want to become a successful online affiliate marketer. I think of them as the tools of my trade. I now have backlinks to 39 different sites. I intend for this number to keep increasing. The tips I received on Internet Jetset were critical, but John Crestani already knew that.

One day I decided to Google the best strategies for backlinks. I quickly realized nothing I saw was as good as what I was already doing. I had no intention of wasting my valuable time asking sites for links or spending countless hours conducting research. What I have done is to build my own sites in order to establish the best possible links. Once again, all of the basic principles I needed were already covered by Internet Jetset. I did not realize the importance of a lot of the information while I was taking the course.

I have found myself going back over the modules several times because somehow I missed quite a bit the first time. John included a lot of information. There was no way I was able to absorb all of it within just six weeks. I have to admit certain aspects made even more sense once I had created a site and actually started affiliate marketing. John Crestani is a treasure.

Facebook Ads for Affiliates

As a good friend of John Crestani, Carlos Cruz covered this material. He showed me how to successfully establish an advertising campaign on Facebook. I also learned the right way to run an affiliate offer. Once I grasped how to use Facebook ads to earn affiliate money, my income substantially increased. Internet Jetset taught me all of the basics including what I should and should not do. I found the information provided by Carlos was just as effective as what I learned from John.

I had more difficulty learning this concept than the majority of the others, but I was determined to succeed. In the beginning, I had to devote two or three hours every day to make a profit of just $2,000 or $3,000. Then the proverbial lightbulb went off and everything started to click. Although some months are better than others, I am making a great profit off of my ads for affiliates. My best advice is to do the work. Eventually, everything will become clear.

Learning Amazing New Strategies I Never Knew Existed

I quickly learned the online market does not stay the same for long. To succeed in the long-term, I needed to know different methods of navigation. John Crestani to the rescue again. Internet Jetset includes a crash course regarding the best methods for navigating the online market. I was able to consistently improve my organic following, became an expert at content strategies and learned exactly what I needed to do to become a successful affiliate marketer.

The Unparalleled Information

Despite the large amount of information offered by Internet Jetset, I did not have any issues understanding what I was taught. Between the webinar, in-depth information, tools and fantastic ideas, I was able to create, develop and maintain a very profitable business online.

Grasping the Keys to Success

There is no doubt in my mind John Crestani is an expert in his field. He included all of his knowledge and experience in his course. He taught me the true meaning of success and financial freedom. I thought I understood the basics of affiliate marketing when I purchased Internet Jetset. I am delighted to say John proved I was wrong.

Learning How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes

Despite mistakes being common, the result is a loss of money. John Crestani helped me avoid mistakes right from the start. This is part of the reason I was successful in just three months.

Affiliate Networks and Big Money

I was able to make an amazing income because I learned how to recognize the affiliate networks offering the best possible opportunities. Due to Internet Jetset, I have become an extremely successful entrepreneur.

The Final Word

I want to start out by saying John Crestani’s Internet Jetset has earned both my trust and respect. I encourage you to take your time going through the program because there is a lot of information you will need to learn. I found the tests extremely helpful because they showed me exactly what I had learned. The tests also determined where I needed to focus and improve. I found Internet Jetset, informative, interactive and encouraging. I had no difficulty following along with any of the modules. I really enjoyed the webinars.

If you want financial freedom, you need to listen to John. The man is an expert. He has included everything you need to know in the program to change your life. I know he sure changed mine. I admit I saw the occasional poor review. Once I read them I realized these people did not follow the program, had no intention of putting in any real work, and were searching for a magical solution. Internet Jetset is not magic. The course is simply a program teaching you all about affiliate marketing. Really listening to the knowledge John shared provided me with financial security.

The program is high-quality, informative and right on target. Earning a significant income as an affiliate marketer is possible with this course. I have not had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to drag myself to work for a long time. I work from the comfort of my home when I choose. There is no boss breathing down my neck and making me feel insignificant or worthless. I tried Internet Jetset because I believed the program was the key to living the life I wanted instead of the one I had. Internet Jetset has my highest recommendation for anyone seriously interested in living a much better life.

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