Who is Kelly Felix?

I first heard the name Kelly Felix back in 2005, when I stumbled into a training program about how to make money online called “The Rich Jerk.”  I was enamored with the product, and more importantly, the finesse marketing behind it that really spoke to the 26 year old version of me.  Back then, I was living the high life in South Beach, fresh off of my first Internet million, and driving around town in Vipers, Hummers, and buying my first Rolex watch.  Things have changed a lot for me since then, but I got a second wind in life when I went through Kelly’s course and started to emulate a lot of his teachings in some of my first ever micro-affiliate marketing websites.  Little did I know that I’d cross paths with Kelly many times over in the future, and end up devouring his next course, aptly called Underestimated.  You see, Kelly went through what a lot of Internet Marketers go through, and that’s success, followed by failure.  I’m going to share with you my Underestimated.com review to show you why the Kelly Felix I came across in 2005 was a young wunderkind of sorts, and that the Kelly Felix of 2020 is a simply masterful veteran in the now hyper competitive space of Internet Marketing.

Sit back, grab your drink of choice (mine’s a dirty martini with blue cheese olives), and read about a man that changed my life and helped me believe in myself by showing me the ropes of marketing online.  Hear about how I literally jumped at the opportunity to sign up for Underestimated for the low price of $297 to hear how Kelly took a business he created at home to over $50 million in sales.  This is a story about never giving up, shifting gears, and emulating greatness, and I’m glad to tell you that I was a first hand witness to a lot of this as it happened.

Kelly Felix Biography

Like other affiliate marketers, Kelly Felix has a humble beginning. Kelly’s success in marketing began when he wrote a simple credit repair guide where he described how he used readily available resources to repair his credit score. While making some money, the guide shares tips to help people fix their poor credit, which is a common problem. Kelly did not expect the guide to get such a great reception as it did!

Born in 1978, Kelly Felix hails from Seattle, Washington. He had small roles as a television actor in shows like 7th Heaven and Buffy the Vampire Slayer between the years 1999 and 2002.

Based on Kelly Felix Biography, his “Credit Secrets” was a top seller because of its successful marketing strategy. Since then, Kelly has been applying the same strategies in affiliate marketing deals that have made him a renowned Internet guru. Some of the projects he has completed include:

  • 2006 – “The Rich Jerk” affiliate marketing guide eBook.
  • 2011 – “Bring The Fresh” affiliate marketing course.
  • 2015 – “The Rich Jerk” affiliate marketing training course.

In 2011, Kelly worked as Super affiliate and later the Chief Operating Officer for Regal Assets. Today he’s a marketing consultant whose specialization is an online promotion (advertising to be specific) and manages all affiliate marketing operations at GoldCo, a company in the precious metals space.

He currently lives in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, with his wife and children.

Kelly Felix The Rich Jerk

This was a program for the ages, something that led to Kelly’s early fame in the Internet.

Kelly Felix Businesses

Kelly Felix Credit Secrets

Kelly Felix Credit Secrets is a 30-minute program that features a 19-page eBook on tips to scale up your credit score. After only two years of release, this guide turned out to be one of the best-selling infomercials in 2018.

Underestimated.com Review

Now there is the “Underestimated.com” which is a program he uses to teach product marketing. As he teaches you how to make money online, Kelly uses real-time examples to showcase his unique entrepreneurial skills. Each project features top marketers who offer different success tips that built multi-million businesses.

Underestimated by Kelly Felix comes in two main parts but starts with lesson one which explains his conception of credit secrets. He narrates how he began online marketing in 2001 and how he messed up his credit score in college.

This lesson shows how Kelly became a famous credit repair expert after sharing tips on how he fixed his credit score fast.

  • Part one; 10x video series

In this part, Kelly displays how his 10-page guide book became a $50-million business. It talks about rebranding in terms of what worked alongside what didn’t work.

Sales funnels comprising of split tests and conversion tests also feature these massive success strategies.

This first part concludes with a discussion of the successes, lessons learned, and mistakes made during advertorials and TV campaigns.

  • Part two; weekly videos

In this part, Kelly details his creation of three new products along with three websites that have all the infomercials and sales funnels. The best part about these marketing videos is that Kelly builds all these projects from scratch!

The videos feature the ideas of the famed Amazon seller, Kevin David who boasts over 660,000 YouTube subscribers. Kevin earns a seven-figure monthly salary. Kelly also collaborates with John Crestani of the Super Affiliate System. Crestani is known for his strong affiliate marketing skills that made him a multimillionaire.

The Bonuses

Along with the above parts, Underestimated affiliate marketing program comes with five bonus materials. These are:

Bonus 1

An eight-hour audio recording of Kelly Felix interviewing Dan Kennedy. Dan talks about the additional revenue streams that Kelly is missing out on along with his recommendations.

Bonus 2

This bonus features Kelly taking with a mystery data analyst who is also a premiere media buyer. This guru has successfully created an effective weight loss product that has successfully sold through TV over the years. This premiere media buyer shares the tricks he applied to enjoy such success.

Bonus 3

Kelly Felix includes the business of selling items in marketing sites like Etsy, Craiglist, and at places in your local area.

Bonus 4

Kelly Felix has “Ask Me Anything” videos that feature him answering questions that you send. If you’ve taken a certain recommended measure and it didn’t work, you can ask why this happened.

Bonus 5

A marketing project has many sections that require varying expertise to succeed. In the Underestimated program, all members can access Kelly’s marketing team. This will cover video creation, voice-over, web design, graphics, copywriting, and programming.

Kelly Felix Underestimated Course Review

Kelly Felix Credit Secrets sold well and paved the way for Underestimated which creates three brand new infomercials in three different industries. He displays how a simple concept can be turned into a successful program and product that sells on live TV in 2020. Some of the lessons you will pick up from this training program are:

  • Debt Clearance

After releasing “Credit Secrets” and seeing its success, Kelly realized that a lot of audiences in the marketing sector need credit solutions. How can you improve your credit score and clear those debts fast and easy?

  • Bizopp

Kelly is an expert in “online money making” and this is evidenced by his successful affiliate marketing programs, eBooks, and guides. Learning the Bizopp niche is readily accessible is a great way to take the “work from home” job opportunities. Underestimated teaches you that Bizopp is available if you want to begin your business.

  • Investing

Working with Regal Assets comes in here as Kelly knows a lot about cryptocurrencies and precious metals. Underestimated teaches you that investing in these assets is good if you want a hedge against inflation and the stock market.

Underestimated is an affiliate marketing program highly recommended to any internet marketer looking to be successful. Considering the multi-million businesses that Kelly Felix has created, there’s a lot to learn from his strategies.

As a member of the Underestimated program, you’ll receive updates on the concepts as they go on live TV. You’ll be able to keep a close watch of the steps that Kelly takes to avoid what problems and for what purpose.

If a mistake were to happen during the process or any failure is experienced, it’ll be fantastic to see how Kelly navigates through.

The Return Policy and Pricing

If you’re registering for the Underestimated program, then you have to first choose a pricing plan that meets your needs. You can go for a $97 per month plan or get one-time lifetime access that goes for $297.  I personally knew it would be worth every penny and dove in for lifetime access for $297.

I recommend that you take the lifetime plan because it is cheaper. Kelly’s projects will likely need around four months to be completed. Since paying three monthly plans is equivalent to the total required for a lifetime plan, the latter is preferable.

Underestimated is offered to the members through ClickBank. This gives you a 30-days money-back guarantee upon making payment. This means that, if you opt for the lifetime plan and decide the Underestimated isn’t a fit for you within 30 days, you can request a refund.

The Underestimated affiliate marketing program by Kelly Felix is a good resource for improving your “online money making” skills.

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