December 4

This Minnesota Company Proves As-Seen-On TV Products are Far From Dead


When sometimes watching TV in the middle of the night, I come across infomercials selling bizarre products that often make me laugh and wonder who would pay money to buy these products.  It wasn’t until I sat down with Trevor Lambert, President, and co-founder of Enhance Product Development and realized that these products actually sell in the millions.

According to Lambert, infomercials are a huge success and has helped his company grow bigger and bigger by the day. My interview with him has proved that ‘As seen on TV products’ are far from dead.

“It certainly has a checkered past,” Trevor Lambert said of infomercials. “But it’s a powerful medium when it works.”

According to Lambert, Enhance has sold millions of products that were actually developed in-house. His company employs talented individuals who help in industrial design, product development, marketing, and sales.

And to my surprise, many of the products the firm sells through television are actually created by its own employees. Enhance has an ‘inside inventing program’ that allows its employees to submit their product ideas. If the ideas are great, Enhance develops and markets these products.

People inside the company aren’t the only ones inventing products for Enhance, though. The firm also works with independent inventors who do not have access to mass-production facilities.

These inventors bring product ideas to the company which Enhance then helps in developing, marketing, licensing, and securing patents.

Speaking of patents, it is one of the foundations that have help the company reach new heights. Some of the products made by Enhance are quite easy to copy. So many companies create counterfeit products and sell them at lower prices with lower quality.

Sites like have actually helped people distinguish between real and fake products. When fake products are bought from Amazon, people leave reviews. Based on these reviews, more people buy the product or skip it.

If you see it the other way around, Amazon is actually a blessing for companies like Enhance.

The ‘Amazon Effect’ can kill a product really fast,” Lambert said. “People want the product to do what it promises to do, and if it doesn’t work, they’ll leave a review and other potential customers will see that right away.”

Sometimes, a product marketed on television makes it a huge hit amongst consumers. The rest of the time, not so much. When a product doesn’t do well on television, Enhance markets it on the internet and other channels such as traditional brick and mortar stores like Walmart.

The key is to reach new customers as fast as possible and grab their attention. Because people who regularly use the internet are different from people who regularly watch TV, Enhance is able to grab the attention of people through different mediums. And that is how it has been able to create a successful business.

Read their customer testimonials to get an idea of just how much success people are having working with Enhance.

“If you want to get peoples’ attention today, you really have to have a winner. And that’s what we try and create here every day,” Lambert said.





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